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Course Catalog and Registration for Online Learning

At Kindling in July, chaplains and campus ministers decided on the following six courses to inaugurate our online learning community.  To sign up, follow this link.  Classes are free and open to all interested parties.   You can sign-up for...

Campus ministers to learn online together

“There’s a church beyond our church,” one of my colleagues in campus ministry said recently. She wasn’t talking about other denominations, or denominational structures like dioceses. She was talking about communities of practice within the Episcopal Church that supplement the parish. As a chaplain, she and I are part of one of these communities, the … Continue reading »

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Communities of Mentorship and Learning Together

The Society of Campus Ministers knows that people are called to campus ministry by a desire to serve and by an intellectual itch.  It is our goal to help facilitate communities of campus ministers by attempting to scratch that itch....