Academic Year Prayer Cycle, Week Twenty-Two

Winthrop Episcopal-Lutheran Campus Ministry; April Lovegrove, Chaplain; Winthrop University.
Canterbury at Wofford College; Wofford.
Project Canterbury at University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; Ms. Noel Reagan, Campus Minister; UT Chattanooga.
Tyson House Episcopal/Lutheran Campus Ministry at UT, Knoxville; The Rev. John Tirro, Chaplain; UT Knoxville.
Barth House Episcopal Center, University of Memphis; The Rev. John B. Burruss, Chaplain; University of Memphis.
Canterbury at Middle Tennessee State University; Mr. Steven Lefebvre, Campus Minister; Middle Tennessee State University.
All Saints’ Chapel at the University of the South; The Rev. Tom Macfie, Chaplain; University of the South.
To download a spreadsheet that includes a 52 week Sunday cycle, a 28 week (academic year) Sunday cycle, and a daily cycle, click this link: Cycle of Prayer updated 6-10-14.

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