Academic Year Prayer Cycle: Week Twenty-One

Episcopal Center at University of Rhode Island; The Rev. David W. Dobbins, Chaplain; University of Rhode Island.
St. Alban’s Chapel – The Citadel, Charleston SC; The Rev. Greg Smith, Chaplain; The Citadel.
Canterbury of Clemson University; The Rev. Dcn. John Bethell, Chaplain; Clemson.
Canterbury at Presbyterian College; Presbyterian College.
Canterbury of Columbia at University of South Carolina; The Rev. Emily Hylden, Chaplain; University of South Carolina.
St. Philip’s Chapel – Voorhees College; The Rev. James Yarsiah, Chaplain; Voorhees College.
Furman University Canterbury; The Rev. Rilla Holmes, Chaplain; Furman.
To download a spreadsheet that includes a 52 week Sunday cycle, a 28 week (academic year) Sunday cycle, and a daily cycle, click this link: Cycle of Prayer updated 6-10-14.

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